"I love my apartment... my favouite room is my internal terrace, by garden designer Fernando Gonzalez..."

Harry Handelsman, CEO of Manhattan Loft Corporation
Financial Times - "How To Spend It"

"The Marmite moment may well be provided by The Sound of Silence, designer Fernando Gonzalez's take on Japanese zen gardens: it features a single bonsai tree, ripples of acrylic "stone"..."

Jane Perrone
The Guardian: Gardening Editor

“These gardens challenge our thinking in the same way as high art…”

Emma Townshend
Independent on Sunday

"Blurring boundaries between the artificial and organic world is London-based Spanish designer Fernando Gonzalez... Gonzalez uses advanced computer techniques for both designing and building."

Nicole Swengley
FT How to Spend It

"…a visionary designer for the contemporary landscape… Fernando’s mode of expression is refreshing…”

Tim Richardson
Writer for Daily Telegraph, House and Garden, and Wallpaper

“He creates futuristic gardens that are unashamedly 21st century…”

Rae Spencer-Jones
The Telegraph